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C3S is a collaborative effort to found a new and ground-breaking European collecting society for musical creators being build with themselves participating. C3S is intended to become a non-exclusive collective society to register musicians' works outside of traditional schemes, released under Creative Commons non-commercial licences, but monetised in commercial use. More than that, C3S will offer registering works for commercial purpose released under other free licences as well, including those works released under no explicitly defined licences.

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118,923 times THANK YOU!

On September 25th 2013 the C3S SCE mbH was officially founded. On September 30th 2013 our crowdfunding campaign ended with the stunning sum of €119.000. This page will offer an online form to become a C3S member shortly!



C3S represents an initiative still. As reiterated and emphasized in all interviews and communication, C3S intends to found an organisation, which subsequently has to apply for the status of a collecting society at DPMA (German Patent and Trademark Office).

C3S is not managing and must not start managing creators' rights before it has been granted the required permission to act as a German collecting society by DPMA. C3S at this point represents no collecting society yet. Hence, it can't negotiate nor conclude any contracts acting as such.


Becoming a legal body is scheduled for September 25th 2013, during the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany. The application for being granted the status of a German collecting society should be submitted to DPMA by 2015.

But, even more important is the fact we need the support of all creators willing to join C3S as soon as it will have been confirmed as a collecting society. Your declaration of intent is necessary to prove the demand in such a collecting society.

Regarding the benefits for non-German and maybe even non-European composers, we are about to add information soon.

Join your future.

You and your works are the most essential and valuable part of the business model that C3S has to submit to DPMA to prove that the implementation of concept and idea of C3S is going to work. You are the collecting society. Though, it's certainly not a traditional one.

Therefore, we ask you for your support our crowdfunding campaign.

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How it works

Sketching it.

C3S will spawn a new, international and mainly online based market. It is an opportunity for musicians who will not or cannot join traditional collecting societies to monetise their work without having to give up their way of licensing. Giving way to a regionally less contrained model, C3S in the long run is to offer subsidiaries in all European countries providing one streamlined licensing model.

Free distribution for non-commercial use is always promoted by C3S, but may be restricted by the intention and licence of choice of the creator.

Membership is going to be limited to creators only to avoid distortion of discussion topics by objectives of legal successors and publishers. Enabling the introduction to music and musical production, and promoting new ways in creation of cultural works, C3S will be open to all kinds of creators: professionals, semi-professionals and prosumers.

Additionally, cultural projects and educational programmes addressing copyright issues will be supported.

That's in it -
for you.

  • Better revenue options for musicians using alternative licensing models.
  • No upfront payment: Low member fees are to be deducted from generated royalties – no negative balance.
  • Secured minimum income: You receive 100% royalties as long as they do not exceed a fixed threshold.
  • Administration based on single works: You may select the works to be managed by C3S.
  • Pay-per-play: Distribution of royalties based on a 1:1 key wherever technically applicable.
  • You are in full control of your rights, C3S is in executive charge.
  • You decide on free and legal usage of your music.
  • Easy licensing of your works for games, advertising and films.
  • Full and equal voting rights for all members.
  • Transparency in all payment and licensing proceedings.
  • Less administrative effort for independent artists by automated licensing proceedings.

Others might
like it too.

Key benefits for content providers, licensees & users:

  • Simplified: European licensing & clearly defined tariff structure.
  • One-stop solution in licensing: Brokering between content providers and licensees.
  • Embracing latest technology: Automated playlist reporting, intelligent indexing and content search, automated monitoring of broadcast and online channels, online licensing, micro payment.
  • Creating new markets for (net)labels & distributors.
  • Legal certainty in usage of Creative Commons and free licences for brands.
  • Simple and reasonable tariffs, with predictable licence costs for promoters.
  • free downloads, legal to share for music lovers.
  • Support of educational programmes to raise awareness for copyright, Creative Commons and free licensing.

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Support C3S by donations - no matter how small the amount, it pays. By the way, we won't reject piles of $$$ at all...

As long as C3S is not founded yet, all donations are paid to non-profit organisation OpenMusicContest.org e.V.. Right now, C3S is the sole project of OpenMusicContest.org e.V., and donations will be spent on organisational cost of C3S.


C3S is intended to be founded as a European non-profit collecting society managing musical works which are released under Creative Commons non-commercial (CC NC) and other free licences, including those under no licence at all.

C3S is going to be shaped collaboratively by all members based upon full and equal voting rights for all. Any member may select the works she or he wants C3S to manage - C3S does not intend to require exclusive licensing.

In the short term, online & live licence rights are managed, mid term: B2B and mechanical licensing. In the long term, licensing for broadcast (airplay) is considered.

Monitoring, reporting, as well as licensing and billing workflows will be automated, enabled by latest technology - OpenSource preferred.

C3S - Cultural Commons Collecting Society - is an independent initiative. C3S is neither a part of, nor a project of, nor affiliated with Creative Commons. However, as with other associations and companies, C3S has asked for advice to match its concept of integrating Creative Commons licences with the guidelines of Creative Commons.

The Team

Danny Bruder

(Musician, Music Producer & Free Culture Activist)

Fabian Fabian

(UX, Visuals & Code // superpursuitmo.de)

Marcel Hennes

(OpenMusicContest.org e.V.)

Susanne Laurentius

(Press & Funding)

Zoe Leela

(Artist & Net Activist)

Simona Levi

(Artist & Activist // Conservas)

m.eik michalke

(Artist // OpenMusicContest.org e.V.)

Christoph Scheid

(OpenMusicContest.org e.V.)

Holger Schwetter

(Musicologist & Media Producer // University of Bochum)

Wolfgang Senges

(Consultant in Music Industries // ContentSphere)

Michael Weller

(Lawyer // EEAR - Europäische EDV-Akademie des Rechts)

... and most of all YOU!

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